A full range of products for brake systems

Brake Discs

Original Disc Brakes

ATE brake discs are packed full of sophisticated technology, high-quality materials and our entire expertise. They correspond exactly to the brake discs originally installed by the manufacturer. Whether smooth, perforated, or grooved, high-carbon, one-piece, pinned or riveted and with or without wheel bearings – we always have the right solution for safe and comfortable braking, with matching brake pads too.

Coated Disc Brakes

With a large range of coated brake discs for the aftermarket (spare parts market), we once again display our innovative strength. Thanks to high-quality materials, the coated region of the brake disc stays protected against rust even after fitting. This not only ensures safety, it also makes for an excellent appearance.

Brake Pads

ATE Original

We use more than 150 compounds to manufacture our brake pads, while other manufacturers use approximately ten. Our internal tests are far more stringent than required by the regulations. Thaat’s why we offer the optimum brake pad for every type of vehicle. Motorists can rely on maximum safety and maximum comfort. There is only one original.

ATE Ceramic

A clean solution. The innovative ATE Ceramic formula produces very few abraded particles, and they have hardly any adhesive characteristics. This means that hardly any brake dust settles and shiny wheel rims retain their lustre much longer. Ceramic brake pads are as safe as conventional pads, are particularly durable and ideal when used in combination with the coated ATE brake discs.

Drum Brakes

Even though for years the trend has been towards disc brakes, carmakers have in recent years recalled the advantages of drum brakes, and are installing them again, particularly on the rear axle of small and compact class vehicles. We are assuming that this technology will be maintained by the market in the long term, and offer radius-ground and powder-coated drum brake shoes, pre-assembled TopKits, as well as brake drums in high-grade cast iron – including those with integrated wheel bearings. Components that are matched to each other perfectly guarantee a very stable coefficient of friction and maximum safety.

Brake Fluids

Brake fluids bring top performance: they transmit hydraulic pressure to the brake system when the brake pedal is depressed. This results in high temperatures, and in extreme cases the liquid begins to boil. But by that stage it is already practically too late, since vapour bubbles are formed, and these can be compressed. Brake pulses come to nothing; the brake pedal can be pushed all the way to the floor, and the vehicle does not come to a stop quickly enough. The significance of the brake fluid has become much greater since the introduction of electronic systems such as ABS and ESP®. The hydraulic units in these systems have many extremely small holes and ducts, some with a diameter less than that of a human hair. The wrong brake fluid can have a fatal effect on the function of modern brake systems.


We can picture the hydraulic components of a car like a circulation system: delicate, precise, and vitally important. They control the basic processes involved in braking, and must therefore be free from any faults. One more reason to rely on the expertise of ATE, since we make no compromises about the quality of our products.


As safety-relevant components, clutch parts must be totally reliable. Since they assist the force that the driver applies to the pedal either hydraulically or mechanically, they make a fundamental contribution to driving safety. We can look back over many years of experience in this sector, and use the latest technologies to keep working on new, contemporary solutions. Special manufacturing techniques are used both for our master and slave cylinders and for our clutch cables. Additional measurements are taken prior to assembly in order to meet the tough demands of these components.


ABS and ESP have now become standard in Europe for newly licensed vehicles. We offer intelligent sensors of the highest quality as are installed by renowned car manufacturers. With sales of more than 100 million wheel speed sensors, we stand among the leading suppliers of these sensors in Europe. Wheel speed sensors acquire data for vehicle stability systems, for engine management and for the gearbox controller. They therefore make an important contribution to vehicle safety, to superior driving dynamics, greater comfort, lower fuel consumption and low emission figures.


The right tools are needed if repair and servicing work is to be done properly. We offer more than 100 devices to help you with all your brake jobs. ATE devices not only provide safety and save time, but they also make a contribution to saving resources.